Any good anti cheat plugin's?

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  1. Hey there.

    I am looking for a new Anti cheat plugin, im using NoCheat+ atm and it lag's my players back and i find it that it more bad then good so if you know any good plugin's please tell me

    - Thank's, Elite
  2. Well. As far as i know Badlion's Anticheat and Kohi's anticheat are the best.( Servers merged to 1 server ) I am pretty sure their anticheat is not for sale. But you can always try to contact them and ask. AAC perhaps ?
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  3. GC.


    NCP is a decent Anti Cheat plugin, although it has some issues that comes with default config. You should just edit the config and "config" it so it doesn't lag back your players.

    I, myself use AAC. I wouldn't recommend it as I find NCP being much better when config'ed right.
  4. Could you please send me the link to AAC? so i can have a look at it.
  5. Joe works pretty hard on Anti-Aura.
  6. Celebrimbor


    Both NCP and AAC can be far better than default with the right configuration. I would give @MarkElf2204 config a try for NCP. It's $5 and eliminates those issues you mentioned :)

    Edit: I will add that AAC will have some of the same "lag-back" issues with laggy players. It can all be drastically removed/reduced with the config.
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  7. Thank you for the tag and support @Celebrimbor.

    @EquinoxNetWork feel free to check my signature, I've spent multiple months since November focusing on improving values to optimize NCP's performance and redone the entire notification system, as well as a number of other improvements that can be found on my resouce page.
  8. AAC Is DEFINITELY the best out there atm. I'd support anyone who recommends AAC or NCP. Both can be good.
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  9. I would also recommend @MarkElf2204's NoCheatPlus config! ;)
    Super cheap for what it is worth. :D
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  10. ssamjh


    Good to see someone who supports AntiAura.
    AntiAura has better support, faster updates (had 1.9 - 1.9.4 support weeks before AAC), is cheaper, and supports 1.7.10 through to the latest version.

    It saddens me to see that AAC is now 20 pounds! I bought it when it was $5-10US if I remember correctly. It seems stingy to raise the price so everyone buys it thinking all the other 2k buyers bought it for the same price when really, they didn't.
  11. They would not sell their anticheat
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  12. Oh i know a GOOD ANTI CHEAT Plugin
    - AAC AdvancedAntiCheat it cost 9.99
    - Watchdog Cheat Detection
    - AntiCheat
  13. Celebrimbor


    20GBP now

    So roughly $30?
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  14. YWI


    MarkElf's is amazing
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  15. That's like saying that someone bought a computer processor from site A for a thousand dollars and someone else bought the same computer processor from site B that cost $900.

    If you didn't already notice Buycraft changes their prices as well.

    If you didn't already notice a bunch of companies do the same thing.