Any good anti cheats? not spartan or aac

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by AndGK, Jun 11, 2017.

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  1. actually last i heard, didn't they have a new one made / implemented by @konsolas (gwen AC)
  2. AFAIK, they still use a modified NCP. Haven't been on it for a while.
  3. Nop lol, btw not going to talk more about this shit, but i want to see some proof about your great anticheat
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  4. Wait what...?

    Since when? Mineplex using a modified version of NCP as gwen was just a rumor. They used to use NCP as their Anti-Cheat but they started using their own custom "Gwen" about a year ago.

    Also, I would like to see you bypass fly on NCP, AAC, and Spartan in a video. You keep giving these claims but you're not supporting them by facts. I'm really not trying to start something but rather discuss it.
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  5. still waiting for proof of @TheBlackTeddy 's incredible anticheat
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  6. @TheBlackTeddy you still busy with school? or can we get evidence now?
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  7. The true dedication...
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  8. no, really, i am curious about how good it is lol considering the others seem trash compared to it, given the opinions provided.
  9. That's dedication:D
  10. I've found that Spartan does not work well at all on larger servers. It throws a LOT of false positives & definitely has a noticeable performance hit once you're running 70-100+ players.

    Also, it completely fails if the server does not have a good tps and throws false positives for almost everyone.

    I recommend NCP with a good config over AAC as NCP is maintained and open source. You won't catch everyone, but you won't really have any false positives and it should be enough to help your staff team detect most hackers.
  11. The server with ~150 players on is using Spartan. I was a developer there and while I was a developer I once stood AFK in the hub watching youtube, and Spartan decides to ban me for NormalMovements or whatever it was xd
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  12. That's the point. With a good config, it's amazing. Problem is that people expect an anti cheat to suit each and every server perfectly, yet we don't live in a wet dream like that. People blame plugins being bad while it's litteraly their configuration.
  13. you can try nocheat plus, it is a great plugin, I have seen it on mineplex
  14. and also anitcheat, it is good too, or also watchdog plugin
  15. inb4 thread locked
  16. watchdog plugin is private, also mineplex does not use ncp
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