Any good auto clicker/anticheat plugins that disable autoclickers/macros?

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  1. Hi SpigotMC,

    I run a game mode on my server called "Splegg". Essentially its spleef but with eggs. Everything is set up for the most part and looking great for a soon release. However, the only problem is that players are able to enable their macros/autoclicker and shoot eggs out of their shovel as fast as they want. I have an egg delay through the plugin I'm using but it still doesn't disable them. Is there a plugin that disables an autoclicker/macros for right click? Also willing to compensate someone to code something small for this!

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  2. Have you tried increasing the delay of the plugin?
  3. Yup, I've tried that :p
  4. I know this is outdated but something like this would help you, right?

    I can't seem to find any other plugins besides enderpearl cool down plugins. How does the Splegg plugin handle these delays? Is it available on Spigot?
  5. Shoot me a PM for the details, but there is a egg delay, and velocity for the egg flow and yea that's the right idea!
  6. Thanks mate!
  7. May have found what you're looking for.
  8. NCP can set a limit on projectiles thrown in a time frame if you're using that.
  10. oh really? in the config that's an option?
  11. Yeah, under block place, speed.
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  12. Hm, it's a bit confusing. Trying to see what I would change in there to limit the amount of eggs being thrown.
  13. I could make a Skript script for this, it seems like the eggs are thrown from a plugin instead of a player, so normal plugins don't limit them, I could make a limiter on packet level to go around that