Any good cheap server host with good cpu power?

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  1. I found pebblehost which is 1$/gb but the cpu power you get is awful. I guess its fair for the price but is there any cheap server host (no more than 3$/gb) that provides more acceptable cpu resources?
  2. I am new to this concept of paying per gig, is that per gig storage, or per gig in traffic?
    Sorry for going offtopic.
  3. Its probably memory, a lot of hosts advertise that as the main component for a servers performance
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  4. Deluxenode offers 4.5ghz CPU's for 1 euro /gb
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  5. I can recommend
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  6. I would suggest Skynode. They have top of the line hardware and the best support around.

  7. its 1/gb ram i think
  8. i find contabo a realy nice host too its somewhere in germany
  9. Don't bump old threads. Also contabo is shit. Like really shit. Very oversold, you get SWAP instead of actual RAM. They'll also null route your server instantly as soon as an attack starts
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  10. Yhea its great u have a vps for 10 dollar p month it giver u 16gb ram and i believe 6 cores

    and yes its realy good ive used it to host 6 mc servers on 1 vps
  11. Yeah but you have SWAP not RAM and probably 10 people are sharing those 6 cores. Also as soon as someone sends 100mbps to your server, which isn't even that much tbh, you'll get null routed
  12. hell nah
  13. OK, but i still think that the hosting is perfect. and i hope that you actualy know that improving is also a thing?

    i've had e vps from conabo for more than half a year and had 0 problems

    And it worked for my starting server
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  14. I know what improvement is. Contabo haven't improved.
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  15. Contabo is the definition of shit
  16. I recommend bisecthosting. I switched from fluctis as their cpu power was bad and i've had a much better experience with bisecthosting. The only time it struggled was with players and there were a few hackers loading up chunks really fast (the server had 1gb ram).

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