Any good choice in SG or JP?

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  1. Aims for Hong Kong players, but unfortunately the VPS/dedi in HK is freakin expensive, so I am here to see if any recommendation on VPS/dedi in SG or JP instead? Also if it's HK, I am more than welcome ;)

    Little Info about my server:
    Online count: (concurrent) 89, but need to be able contain 144 ppl in case we got contests and events collision.
    Plugins: less than 21 (half of them uses SQL connection)
    Budget: around $20, but could be adjust-able.
    Hopefully it would be Equinix-route, but other would work too.
  2. Sorry to be slightly off topic but who do you use at the moment?

    Are you looking for a VPS or a dedicated server?
  3. He says either but I guess he wants the cheapest option. Anyways, I don't really know hosts in Asia though I do know that hosts in Asia are slightly more expensive as because land, power, water is expensive. If you want cheap servers, you may want to look at US. West coast has a pretty good ping to Hong Kong. Around 190 ms or so.
  4. I currently having a backup server running the instance, but this occupy should not be happening since it was/is a backup server, I only use it when I need disaster restoration, or other serious event; in this case, the last server was too expensive upon renewal, so we started our contingency plan to deal with this situation.

    Since the server and network was owned already, so we don't worry about the lasting on this server, but not for long term.

    Yes indeed, although wanna the cheapest, but it would be affordable if the pricing is decent enough for our budget and long-term planning.

    Most of the server we found in US/UK/Europe are having a quite high ping and latency to Hong Kong, this is a pain in our asses cuz the lag. We are finding something around ~150ms for the container(server), to hold instances of Minecraft.

    I have also thinking of, using the current Equinix-routed VPS, to simulate the "static-routing" thing. Dunno if it works cuz I'm totally noob at Networking, so it would be a way out if things work out like my thoughts.
  5. I'm going to be honest, you're screwed. I looked into finances for starting a hosting company and I only found one host where I could make profit and it was only around $20 so it would be nothing by the time I pay unseen fees.

    It was in Sydney though but I think it has the same point, everything in Asia is extremely expensive. I looked into every single country I could think of. I believe the cheapest was in Mumbai, India. If you are interested I'll get you the link but I think you best bet is to go to San Francisco (Or get a collocation, which would be cheaper on the long run but that is extremely expensive at first and extremely hard to manage if its on the opposite side of the globe plus YOU have to pay for hardware replacements etc)
  6. With your budget, your best bet is a host in LA or SFO. Anything in Asia is crazy expensive.
  7. Actually we could afford like around $40-50 per month,
    But really want to minimize the budget, just not to be the dependent on donation.
  8. i use GMO in JP.
  9. Seems need JP address.
  10. ah, yes... But there are some services, which gives you Japanese postal address.
  11. Glad to see if you have some example to list out ;)
  12. RSNET-Radic


    Softlayer and 100TB are in SG. Anything in the Asia/Pacific region will be expensive.
  13. Tux


    Check out Vultr or DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean is in Singapore and Vultr is in Tokyo.
  14. i uses to get Japanese postal address
  15. IMO $50 in HK wont get a dedicated server, and you should use a mid-high dedi for your needs.

    The best idea i could come up with is host your server in your home. Since HK has large inner bandwidth, put the machine in your own house should not lag too much.
  16. These are quite high-end, I'm afraid not suitable for me...

    Tried both, DO got severe traffic congestion from Singapore to HK, while Vultr cuts down half of the bandwidth capacity.

    As the fact, they do lag. Really not knowing why.
  17. RSNET-Radic


    That's the pricing you're going to have to pay for quality in that region. Anything that's affordable will perform poorly.
  18. Tux


    Unfortunately, all the good in-region choices are unreasonably expensive. You should consider using a server on the US west coast (i.e. Los Angeles).
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