Any host recommendations that offer 32GB+ servers?

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  1. I've been going months into research for hosts. I'm looking for a host that roughly offers 32GB or more with an average upkeep of 3.9GHZ or higher. The thing is, I lack total knowledge of keeping a dedicated server- I'd very much prefer being able to have a useable panel such as Multicraft or Pterodactyl through a 3rd party host if given that opportunity.

    I've tried ShockByte's 32GB package but their support and maintenance is abysmal from my experience. It feels like they purposely take over 7 days to answer a simple ticket so that you don't have access to the 7 day refund window after the fact.

    I've also tried RetroNode's 32GB package, their support is great but the host did not click with me. The connection to the server was always quite low despite moving server locations around the NA.

    I would appreciate any help or recommendations that you guys may have; stories or experiences. Thank you!
  2. I would give IcedHost a ring then. They have the IcePanel that might do you justice and the latest Ryzen and Intel machines in the market.

    Of course it gonna cost you but it still cheaper than getting say a Oplink box and sourcing an admin yourself (they commonly goes for 50 to 100 bucks/box per month).
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  3. I wouldn't recommend running a single Java Minecraft server with more than 12GB RAM, and definitely not at 32GB RAM.

    Though, to answer your question, I would recommend finding a dedicated server and finding a host which offers managed services to install Pterodactyl on it. Most competent hosts that offer dedicated servers will also offer managed services, though sometimes you'll need to request it from a ticket.
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  4. The 32GB would cover a lot of the resource space from plugins rather than anything else. It'll be for a theme park server and the plugins are REALLY intensive with the configurations I require for an optimal experience. I've looked into host-offered VPS, even tried one but it wasn't really my cup of tea I'd say?
  5. Some hosts offer good VPS, some don't. At 32GB RAM, it's normally cheaper to use a dedicated server.
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