Any motd plugin that can show the time of day within server?

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  1. Cant find a plugin for spigot that shows the current time of day in a motd message prior to joining the server. All I want for it to say is is day or night and maybe the current time within the world. Is there such an option I could find?
  2. Do you want the time of the in-game world to be displayed or the real time?
  3. in-game world
  4. Essentials does this in the configuration of motd.yml
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  5. It comes with the standard Essentials motd config
  6. I have essentialsX is it different?
  7. Nope. You can find the world time in the motd.yml of Essentials Folder.
  8. For which MC Version you want this plugin and which world should be displayed in the modt?
  9. I've tried to make this little plugin. Check this out!
  10. How is time calculated? what does Time: 5000 mean ? How do these numbers translate to time?

    Yeah but it shows when you log in . I am looking for something like KaylooT showed that it is shown before logging in.
  11. So when someone pings the server, you want the MOTD to say something like this?
    Code (Text):
    (World name) Time: 5:32PM
  12. Yes basically showing in the server window like in KaylooT screenshot what time is in the ingame world . I have seen some plugins that do it but they are old back in 2016 which dont work in 1.15.2
  13. 5000 is the current tick time
  14. Try this again, I've added the real 12h format!
  15. Try the newer version.
  16. Sorry still seems to be the same issue with new version .

  17. Are you sure? The plugin works perfectly on several test servers!
  18. I don’t know how they wouldn’t be sure when they have the error right there. :coffee:
  19. I found a solution . I extracted the plugin.yml from the jar and changed the author line it had two __ at the end of the name when I removed them it started working