Any past users of Devslopes?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Cervinakuy, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,

    So I’ve found this programming service called Devslopes, which appears to be relatively new.

    My friend purchased the Ultimate Package and it seems very promising. He says he’d be willing to share the credentials but I want to get some feedback before I invest my time into it.

    I don’t expect any or many responses to this thread since it’s possible nobody uses it. However, if you do, please let me know which courses are the best, or if you recommend purchasing it.

    - Cervinakuy
  2. I'm always a bit doubtful about online courses tbh. They don't seem to be worth much when it comes to applying for work.
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  3. Me too. But I really just got lucky the way I self-taught myself Java if that makes sense.

    I’ve been trying to self-teach myself HTML & CSS, which is fairly easy but I think my approach is different this time around because it’s not working the same way. I guess with Minecraft the ideas kind of solidified and I got to use a little of every aspect of Java making it much easier to learn.

    This is essentially why I’m considering this online course. The biggest thing I have to lose in this case is my time.
  4. no but w3schools is what I used