Any plguins for per-world effects?

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Is any of the plugins I already have helpful with this?

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  1. Is there a 1.14.4 compatable plugin for for example giving saturation in all world but PvP, jump boost in Parkour only, etc... I already have these, if any of them would work:
    AdminFun, AdvancedPortals, ChatControl Free, ChestCommands, Citizens 2, CitizensCMD, Clearlag, CommandHook, CoreProtect, Denizen, Duels, Dynmap, EssentialsX, EssentialsX AntiBuild, EssentialsXChat, EssentialsX GeoIP, EssentialsX Protect, EssentialsX Spawn, EssentialsX XMPP, HolographicDisplays, mcMMO, MultiverseCore, PermissionsEX, PixelPrinter, PlaceholderAPI, PluginConstructorAPI, ProtocolLib, PsudoCommands, SetHome, Spigot-CommandSigns, TNTRun reloaded, Vault, Worldedit-Bukkit, WorldEditSelectionVisualizer, Worldguard-Bukkit, WorldResourcepacks and VoxelSniper.
  2. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    You can install WorldGuard Extra Flags and set the effects flags on the __global__ regions of the worlds you want the effects in.