Any plugin for players coloring their usernames?

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  1. So, I have been searching for quite while, but I wasnt able to find any plugin which would allow my users to colour their usernames...I know essentials has /nick, but I havent figured out how to only allow them to colour their username, not change it to something there some plugin I am missing? It could be premium too dont care I need one, or will I have to hire some plugin developer?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Essentials
  3. Would you mind explaining rather than just posting plugins? I've been looking up through config of essentials for a long time, and on other forums but I've found nothing so I think its highly unlikely for essentials to have solution itself
  4. No essentials and groupmanager isnt the same xD.
    Essentials is hook to GroupManager
    so if your un group manager w/o (with out) essentials
    it will not work.

    What groupmanager does is it add Prefixes and Suffxies to your name:
  5. I think we are definitively not on the same page, what I need is a way for normal, regular users to color their nicknames, lets say players "321Bla" wants to color his nickname to "&3321&cBla" he can do it yet he is not able to change his username to something like "CantTouchThis", with essentials /nick you cant do that
  6. You can do that!!
    Make it like this:
    ops name color should be set to 'none'
    nickname prefix should be ' ' (removed ~)
    if not then it will show ~beside the player that has /nick
    Change the lenght to 60
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  7. Are you trolling me or something? This is ridiculous
  8. Im not trolling..
    Im just helping you with your problem that your having right now.
    Ok if you dont want me to help you. Then fine.
  9. You are not helping, just spamming and talking nonsence which wont work
  10. If u want to color in their name use /nick on essentials and use & chars.. it will then change their name to whatever color you put in. ;)
  11. I want users to be able to do it on their own without my presence, yet deny them from changing their username, only coloring it.
  12. Laos lol people suck at helping sometimes I swear. I'm assuming what you want is a /color command to just change their name color. Lol, and yes I believe there are plugins for this. From what I;ve seen, you can do this with DeluxeChat. I think there are other ways, but none that I've seen personally. A friend of mine actually set up DeluxeChat previously to have /color working, but it had bugs. Other than this, you could ask someone to make a standalone plugin, or an addon to essentials or something. Sorry I don't have a simple answer for you, but try looking into DeluxeChat.
  13. Color Me on bukkit I think