Any plugin ideas?

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  1. Hello guys!

    I am making a new hub server for the past 9 months, and i'm out of ideas for my KitPvP and another mini game.
    Just PM me your ideas and it might be our next game!
    I need only a KitPvP plugin idea, and a new mini game idea.

    Only receiving it in PM.

    What will you earn from it?
    Well, you can tell me your craziest idea, and you might play on it!

    Will pay for someone who will find me a good server name/Game idea.

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  2. Again we are a bunch of server owners why would we giveout ideas when we can use them ourself?..
  3. 1. Only 60 % from the community here are server owners.
    2. Kind people? I am an owner, and a staff on another 2 servers.
    3. You get money...
    4. Low budget?
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  4. I don't think a benefit for us is to be able to play on the server. Most people here are here to make money, not to play on Minecraft necessarily.
  5. Offering money.
  6. Ah, nevermind then.
  7. Read the thread next time.
    Not to be mean tho :p
  8. People are running out of ideas now?
  9. I have ideas, just asking more.