Any plugins that aren't discontinued/shit?

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  1. Hello everyone,,,
    I just recently switched to bungeecord. My biggest complaint so far is all of the public bungee plugins are either discontinued and broken, or buggy and lacking even basic features. So my question is, am I missing out on some collection of good plugins that most people use? So far bungee seems impossible to use unless you custom code absolutely everything(which I'll be starting to do tonight if I don't find any suitable chat plugin)
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  2. Bungeecord is just to link servers together, you shouldn't really need plugins full of features.
  3. I use Mulichat free for Bungee, need to load it into Bungee and each instance of your spiogts, you need to configure it, obvs, but its a great plugin.

    I also use Liteannouncer which is great at automating messages within the chat.
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    What are you looking for in a Bungee chat plugin?

    DeluxeChat is an amazing chat plugin (premium). It has so many features and is fully customizable.
    It has bungeecord support according to the page but afaik its only bungee feature is cross-server chat.
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  6. I code my own plugins :p. I think there are very many plugins out there that you can do much cool stuff with on BungeeCord. You can even send GUI's (Inventories) over BungeeCord.