Any plugins that you wish more people knew about?

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  1. I work for a server host, and we get asked on occasion for server plugin suggestions. If there's a plugin here on that should get more love, this is one way to make it happen. Also, what does the plugin do that you like?
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  2. My plugin, of course xD
  3. Strahan


    There's one obscure one I like a lot, it's called WorldEdit. I recommend it! :D
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  4. I would recommend essentials
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  5. Envoys because then I would have more money ;)
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  6. Really depends if the server is custom or not.

    I of course must suggest my Anti-Cheat, NESS ;)
  7. ClearChat
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  8. If we're doing chat stuff, ChatControl is by far one of the best in my opinion.
  9. Definitely the fairly new permissions plugin LuckPerms and the best worldedit/voxelsniper i've seen called FastAsyncWorldEdit. Both these plugins take originals like Group Manager or PermissionsX and standalone WorldEdit and blow them out of the water when it comes to speed, accessibility, and features. (not that the originals are bad)

    LuckPerms is amazing for many reasons but for me mainly two. One is that it has bungee support and amazing functionality for any permission you could think of. And two and by far the most useful is the Web Editor. Now this web editor is still a work in progress atm but is still SOO much better than using a .config file or trying to change things with commands. If your in doubt just try it and see.

    FastAsyncWorldEdit is the best worldedit and voxelsniper version I have ever seen. Like just the sheer amount of performance enhancements would be enough but he has added lots of very useful commands too. To start there are two commands which you can do like MCEdit size edits with called //fast and //anvil which don't lag at all no matter how big. Now these commands can't be undone but I have done soo much more without lag using the normal commands it puts worldedit to shame. If u have worldedit get this, if u have voxelsniper get this, its soo much better. Now the last thing is if you run a creative server this can be your "BulkEdit" plugin per say. What I mean is it is compatible with PlotMe and GriefPrevention so people can use WE and VS in their claims/plots. I have sadly not been able to test this myself but if you have bulkedit i would check this out and if u want to start a creative server check this out.
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  10. At the risk of giving away two great plugins that are really making a difference on my server, both of these were created by @TechXcrafter and are phenomenal.

    UltraPermissions - GUI for managing permissions, groups, players, prefixes, etc... w/ MySQL support
    Hydra - GUI for managing Tablist, Chat messages, Keyboard shortcuts, custom GUI creation, and custom commands
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  11. I guess that means premium plugins are out of the question - unless you get a partner license with them or something to deploy them?
  12. This tread is one big troll right now ;)
  13. I read the first post, and I posted a response on topic.. I am not here to troll.
  14. I never said you were i was just commenting on other comments
  15. Mas


  16. for donor perks
    i will suggest SuperTrails and iDisguise
  17. Yeah, we only recommend free resources to people unless they say they're willing to buy premium. I'll have to ask our community manager if we have any partnerships with Bukkit plugin authors!

    A lot of good responses so far! Though ClearChat is, uh, a zero length file.
  18. In that case, maybe talk to @Zrips because i'd recommend his CMI plugin. (premium)

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