Any plugins that you wish more people knew about?

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  1. Flame allows flaming arrows to catch blocks on fire, and can also make entities leave a fire trail on the ground behind them. Mayhem!

    CraftDisplay has some nice visual effects that go well with vanilla, in my opinion.
  2. I'm gonna have to go and say no to luckperms. I thought luckperms was pretty great, but there is this thing called PEX which hasn't been forgotten yet :p

    Here's some good ones that get hidden by the masses of unoriginal ones:


    There are definitely more plugins that I have used but have forgotten :(

    Besides that, I like my plugins...:cool: (totally not blatant self advertisement here)
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    Only 18 downloads but I see the reason I never updated it as I have no reason to do so
    the code is open-src too you can change whatever you want too and It's only limited
    to 1.11 - 1.12.2 as of now so theres nothing me to do and not a lot servers want to use
    this as It may be useless or tooo op but anyway I loved my idea and made it XD
  4. lol your all triggered because you r rating my post optimis keep goin g i like it
    lol try hard trying to b e funny ha ha
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  5. if mcMMO isn't on the list, it's a great levelling rpg addition. Don't forget about it

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