Any post where it shows what I change between versions to develop?

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  1. I need more advanced knowledge, so I want someone to help me with this:
    I have always done my plugins testing them in 1.8 and I have decided to support other versions ...
    And can you answer this question?: " There is a post where guide the codes on what the versions change? "

    Thanks for your attention.
    Code (Text):
    Sorry, I speak spanish
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    its pretty much goes like this:
    build on one version, try on another, watch it break, fix it, watch the original version break, cry, fix it, watch everything else break, throw a bunch of if version checks into your code, try to make it work everywhere, watch it break randomly, cry, fix it, come to the conclusion that your code is becoming a steaming pile of shit, set it on fire, cry, decide to rebuild your stuff for 1.13+ and drop support for any legacy versions to protect your brain from more damage due to all this suffering.
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  3. But what I mean is a post where I say the code changes that have been made in each version.
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  5. You're gonna run into a ton of issues if you put all the spigot jars in your referenced library. Put the latest one in, see what errors you get, fix those errors, and then upgrade to Windows 10.
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  6. What do you mean with the latest version?
    I put the latest version of spigot?
    example: I put the 1.12.2 and even there it will support
    I started coding in version 1.8
  7. You should only add one Spigot Jar to your buildpath.
  8. One day the day comes where you will have to drop lower versions' support.
  9. Most of the more popular plugins have a legacy version and a new version instead of trying to manage all the versions changes.
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  10. Yep, that's exactly what I'd do too