Any Python developers here?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by xXxKillDogxXx, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. I was just curious to see if we have any Python developers here on spigot as I currently have a fairly big project on my hands and it would be a lot better if I had more a of team to work on it with.
  2. Tux


    I know a fair amount of Python, but I can't say my knowledge of it is in-depth.
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  4. jeff142


    Id take the above Dogeguin and run. I dont think to many know python
  5. See how it goes I suppose
  6. IMHO, every developer worth his salt should know Python, it's an excellent language which makes developing concepts and trying out new ideas easy (Literally, save and run). No offense to the excellent developers who don't know Python, but to me, it's a staple.
  7. I know the very basics of Python but that doesn't make me a less stable developer, any language with a syntax similar to the language they are going to learn is going to be an easier learning experience.
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  8. I'm not criticizing anybody who doesn't know Python, the main reason I'm so fond of it is that it's easy to throw drafts of things together with a quicker workflow and no need to export/compile a program. @jordanzilla02