Any support for client side mods in the works?

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  1. Just what the title says. I'd like to continue using spigot, but i hope client side mods would be allowed. As far as Im aware, forge does this, but as I said, I'd like to continue using spigot. I like the community so far.
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    Sorry I don't understand what you're asking.
  3. Client side mods still work with spigot... what are you asking for here? Server side mods are a ai le with sponge and forte server.
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    Client side mods should work no issue.
    What you ask for is server-side mod support, which is out of scope for spigot.

    You could use fabric server, if the mods are fabric, and a mod that adds bukkit plugin support.
  5. Spigot-api is only designed for modding the server, not the client. That being said, plugins CAN interact with clientside mods through the plugin message channel. Have a look at Bukkit's Messenger api.
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  6. Spigot cannot create new blocks or items, its simply just not made for that task.
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  7. that's what I'm asking. If I can use mods or spigot api to create mods that can place blocks or change block properties for creativity's sake. You're saying the bukkit api does support this? I've heard conflicting reports from the discord server.

    Is there any documentation of what api's I CAN use to develop a block placing mod that will work in the spigot plugin folder. Ive decided I want to try forge's api, but I want to see how compatible it is with spigot. I've also heard tale that the two don't work so well together. That's why I'm wondering if there is a plan in place for client side mods.

    I think a good example of this is worldedit. It definitely creates and places blocks, and it's definitely compatible with spigot.

    As long as its compiled it sounds like it should work. Is that correct?
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  8. If you wanna make a mod, that is different and spigot is a server API only, you can’t create blocks or items with it. You’ll need to work with forge or fabric.
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  9. Sad that Spoutcraft died long time ago.
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  10. I will be coming back here to let you know how my forge developed mods interact in the plugins folder of spigot.
  11. Client side mod's utilisation was never the intention for Spigot.
    Spigot intends to adhere by whatever official versions and provisions that Minecraft provides.
    This ensures a stable environment coherent with the basic model of the Minecraft server Architecture.
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  12. it doesnt go in there tho... it wont work
  13. With spigot, you can only modify Minecraft's behaviour. You cannot add something, that isn't in the game itself.
  14. Thank you for the interest, the answer is no.
  15. *Sponge with Forge
  16. Yeah i've gotten my simple mod to run on my forgeserver but not on my spigot server.
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  17. We told you it doesnt work with spigot. Even the administrator and maintainer of spigot answered you. What did you expect?
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  18. okay point taken. it will never happen.
  19. Go for sponge if you want plugins AND mods support. Spigot only supports plugins. And forge only supports mods. Back then we had cauldron which was a mix of spigot and mods, but they stopped supporting it.
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  20. There are still a few Spigot/Forge hybrid servers that are being worked on, such as Arclight and Mohist. I don't really know how well they work other than that my plugins worked fine on it at one point (even the one using NMS).
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