Any tips for archiving an old minecraft server's world files?

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  1. Question is in the title. I have a minecraft server I've been running since 2015, and I will likely shut it down soon. There's a lot of history on there, that I think will be sentimental to more than just myself, so I'd like to archive it in some way that is accessible online. I have all my backups spanning back to 2015, but it's not properly "archived" if nobody else can access it.

    I need a place that will allow me to upload something like ~30 GB worth of world files (unzipped), and retain them indefinitely. Any suggestions?
  2. Media fire? A personal website?
  3. Definitely consider or BitTorrent if you have some server laying around. Also try compressing files and removing useless ones!
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    For 30 GB, zip it and split it into smaller parts, like 1 GB each files (or whatever the max is for the provider you choose). I'd also suggest generating parity files for it.
  5. Seriously, just put it behind you and walk away.
    We have all put in a lot of effort to complete a personal goal through IT related projects.
    In around 2 years, you will think 'Why did I go to so much trouble?'
    Just like stacking up school papers in the corner of your room, that you are unlikely to be looked at again.
    You will remember the key points, but not the details. The key points are what may be relevant to you in the future (if ever?).
    If you really think that you care that much, put it on a memory stick and chuck it in a drawer.
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  6. Honestly, zip it up and upload to Google Drive. 15 TB should be more than enough storage once the files are compressed and it's free.
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    Ehhh... school papers are boring. Minecraft is way more interesting and more likely to be something you'd want to check out later. Somewhere in the recesses of my storage system is the first ever SMP server I had, an old alpha world that me and my friends played at work. It's cool to wander the world and see what we built back in the day before we really knew anything about MC hehe.
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