Any way to execute a command if someone writes something?

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  1. So I want a plugin that if someone writes in the chat it executes a command.
    If i write !shutuphorvy, it writes shutuphorvy in chat and it kicks player named horvy.
    It would be customizable so i would create commands like i would do /addcom Test or something in game and then it would create some file in config and there you would have "If player with permission command.Test writes "(customizable part)" executes command "customizable part".
    So you would do /addcom shutuphorvy
    Then go to console where you would have the file
    Then just customize it like "If player writes !shutuphorvy, executes command /kick Horvy"
    Then add a permission like command.NameOfTheCommand -> command.shutuphorvy
    And if anyone had the permission he could just write !shutuphorvy, it would send the message in chat and console would kick horvy.

    Or you could do like !thor and it would give u a potion effect.

    I want a plugin like this, but cant create plugins. Thanks. :)
  2. nobody is going to write this for you... and you can't give potion effects with a bungee plugin.
    Learn to code yourself, making threads like these for plugin ideas that nobody but yourself would use isn't going to get the plugin made.
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  3. I'm not sure if/how it might work with Bungee, but that sounds like a job for Skript. I doubt somebody would write you a custom plugin with its own interpreted scripting language - at least not without decent compensation. At the same time though, why reinvent the wheel if Skript is perfectly fine for these sort of small, custom features?
  4. imo skript is just as hard as Java just a lot less capabilities
  5. I'd say what's harder is up to the user, but the latter I can agree with. Skript was never meant to be a fully-loaded alternative to your typical Java plugin, and is of course less efficient as it needs to be "translated" to Java.
    Skript should be suitable for OP's use case though.
  6. Stop being "mad" like i just asked if there is such plugin and its not that hard to do it
  7. What has this to do with Bungee? All of what you describe will take effect on the Spigot side.
    And of course such a plugin doesn’t exist exactly as you describe it, due to the high specificity of what you describe. You can either learn script/java yourself, hire/find someone to make it for you (there are forums for that, but they require payment) or try and use plugins like MyCommand to somewhat make this (it won’t be the same, but relatively close).
  8. Nobody's mad. First guy aside, you were suggested a plugin and told why something entirely custom-made for your exact use case might not be worth it.
    I suppose that if it's not that hard like you say though, then there's no reason that you can't do it yourself :)
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  9. ah yes, I am fuming right now! :mad:
  10. I didn't say you were mad either, lol. "First guy aside" because you didn't offer any constructive feedback.
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