Any way to measure how many people use my plugin?

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  1. I'm looking for information such as how much many servers use it, on what basis, etc :p

    Update: I can't use bStats-Metrics because of a certain blocking service on my router(my parents installed it to prevent my little sister from po*n) so this is what I see when I enter:
    So I need an alternative.
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  2. Introduce MCStats! :p
  3. If you're speaking about raw usage data, bStats is what you're looking for. If you're looking for detailed amount of commands being used etc, you might need to implement a way to keep track of that yourself, by counting something up, everytime something is being used that you want to keep track off. Whether you compile that data to your own webservice, or just into a usage.log is up to you.

    EDIT: Dang that snipe tho. MCStats is pretty much the same as bStats ^^
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  4. bStats is recommended, I use it in few of my plugins.

    If you want full control, you can do a simple POST request periodically to a PHP script on your website that will work as a webhook then either post the data to a .log file or to MySQL database. The data can be anything you desire and are private, unlike bStats.

    If you have no idea how to do this you can hire an developer for under $50.
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  5. +1 for bStats, pretty good one :)
  6. Bump. I can't use bStats(wrote why in the post) so I need an alternative!
  7. Use bstats with a vpn.
  8. I don't get this, 5 minutes after I've started my plugin I got a 492 IOException which means that I sent too many requests to bStats, but I didn't do that! I literally copy pasted the Metrics.class in my project along with:
    Code (Java):

    public void onEnable()
        new Metrics(this);
  9. I recommend using bStats. Mcstats sometimes is down
  10. read 1 post above you
  11. I know there is bStats, but I havent tried it yet.
  12. How creating an unused reference would solve my issue, if even change anything? and I indeed copied the correct class.

    regarding Metrics.class: There are 2 compile errors with the code, so I found the replacement lines in the github issues comments, but they're not the problem.
  13. Are you using a public VPN for your previous problem? That might be the issue.
  14. "public virtual private network" = contradiction? I'm not actually sure what you mean to.

    Anyways, I had checked the previous issue, it definitiely happens(as I have mentioned) because of a certain blocking service which sits on my router, and I can't do anything about it. The solution I found is to browse bStats from my smartphone so the problem is solved.
    which leads to the second problem - the 492 Exception for no reason...
  15. A VPN is still a public network, but acts like a private one. In the end it's just a server that forwards your data to somewhere. If that is used by others, you will be affected by api request limitations (which usually happens a lot with public free VPNs). If in the end the issue is with your router, try using a non-localhost server that's hosted by any of your friends for example to test out metrics.