Anybody have sane config files for Oreb and NC+

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  1. Hey guys, I have had so much trouble with Orebfuscator not actually showing hidden chests and showing players fake ores, and with NC+ setting off false alarms and kicking people, I was wondering if anybody out there would be kind enough to share their configuration files for NoCheat+ and Orebfuscator, in return I will thank you greatly, and perhaps do something stupid for you :D (Pointless graphics, anyone?)

  2. There is a config for oreb to put it in "lite" mode, just try changing that option to true and see if it's any less laggy/buggy.
    Also, decreasing the checking range for updating blocks can help reduce lag but increases the amount that people see fake ores.
    As for NCP I think I remember someone saying that turning off all the logging can help however I can't see that it would make much of a difference. NCP generally should be ok if your server isn't laggy in the first place but you could try disabling any options that are not vitally necessary such as the inventory fast click check.
  3. Lag isn't a problem at all; I need config files that work, some that are configured properly (I have tried to configure NoCheatPlus, it is a pain)
  4. I personally see no reason to config them because the default ones work fine for me.
  5. Puremin0rez


    Default configs are usually the best as chosen by developer, at least I've never really had a problem.

    I do not recommend using Orebfuscator right now, they're working around some mojang bug in a very unstylish manner that increases bandwidth and server strain while also bugging out things like entities, etc.
  6. andrewkm

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    My Orebfuscator config (When I used the plugin) looked like this:
    Code (Text):
    ConfigVersion: 9
      EngineMode: 1
      UpdateRadius: 2
      InitialRadius: 1
      ProcessingThreads: 4
      MaxLoadedCacheFiles: 64
      ProximityHiderDistance: 8
      ProximityHiderID: 1
      ProximityHiderEnd: 255
      AirGeneratorMaxChance: 43
      OrebfuscatorPriority: 0
      UseProximityHider: false
      UseSpecialBlockForProximityHider: false
      UpdateOnDamage: false
      DarknessHideBlocks: false
      NoObfuscationForOps: true
      NoObfuscationForPermission: true
      UseCache: false
      LoginNotification: false
      AntiTexturePackAndFreecam: false
      Enabled: true
      - 14
      - 15
      - 16
      - 21
      - 54
      - 56
      - 73
      - 74
      - 129
      - 23
      - 54
      - 56
      - 58
      - 61
      - 62
      - 116
      - 129
      - nether
      - aether
      - 1
      - 4
      - 5
      - 14
      - 15
      - 16
      - 21
      - 46
      - 48
      - 49
      - 56
      - 73
      - 82
      - 129
      CacheLocation: orebfuscator_cache
    NCP just change the top logging options.
    Code (Text):
      active: false
      debug: false
      console: false
      file: false
      filename: nocheatplus.log
      ingamechat: false
  7. Sway

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    andrewkm When you disable logging with NC+ how are you supposed to know if it's working correctly? I have had issues with some players getting kicked when they log because of client lag. NC+ thinks they're flying.
  8. Sway I have NC+ logging disabled and i know it does its job fine. To test it you should de op yourself or set the group you're set to a regular user on you're server then try to test stuff that NC+ blocks.
  9. Check and make sure in your you have flying set to allow (or was it enable?). I found this an annoying bug. If you have NCP , it will manage the people who attempt to fly.
  10. What exactly does it report? If we can reproduce we would do a hotfix in NC+ to fix your issue(s).

    Disabling the logging isn't really a solution if you ask me because every action that has to be executed will take some performance. For example if someone fails the SurvivalFly check then NC+ has to reset him/her to the last valid point which needs some calculation of course.