Anybody know of a monthly crate plugin?

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  1. [​IMG]
    ^^^ Something like that :D
    (Yes. Thats the CosmicPvP Cosmic Crate).
  2. You could have players make recurring monthly payments for the monthly crate.
    (Not sure if this is a donation perk or not)
  3. I should have clarified myself. You would get an item and right click with it. It would open up the GUI shown above. I'm asking if there is a plugin that can do this.
  4. I know of a plugin called CrazyCrates made by @Kicjow that has the Cosmic Crate type, you could probably get something close-ish to what you are looking for... Just give them one key a month and you'll be good, or something like that. Just configure it to your needs. My config tutorial will help you, although it is mainly for configuring CSGO or Roulette Crates.
    Good Luck :^)
  5. I have seen that plugin and used it before. If possible I would like a plugin that is closer to the image above, but this is a good alternative.
  6. Anybody know of one?
  7. Maybe it's a custom plugin.. Just give your players monthly crate kit with essentials as an alternative way.
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  8. Necro much? have you seen how old this thread is?
  9. how do you give ccs with randompackage?
  10. I know this thread is pretty old but I am also looking for a plugin like this. I am willing to pay someone to make it for me if it's high quality.