Anybody Knows Who Does Custom Game Server Hosting (For Minetest)?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Crafter5000, Jul 1, 2021.

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  1. In short, I am not thrilled with my current provider billing policies for prepayments in regards to upgraded specs and I would like to see if I can score extra features to boot.

    Here's what is required
    1. Must be using stock WISP themeing or alternatively an interface that is reasonably accessible to someone with limited vision at his disposal (I am deaf and blind just for the records). Which means Pterodactyl gross crapash 1.x themeing isn't gonna cut it. Due to the lack of contrasts in much of the panel (resources' status at main view, certain descriptions, backup screen etc). As long as it not literally "grey on grey" it just might works. :)
    2. Must be willing to run the Minetest 5.4.1 Server (and higher as available)
    3. Available and reliable support and I don't mean on "distrash" (I can't even use Discord).
    4. Backing up facilities and REASONABLE backing up quotas!
    5. Reasonable billing policies. Look if I UPGRADE my RAM I should be getting that whatever discounts you gives for quarterly, semi-annual and so forth (as applicable).
    6. Reasonable other limits if they applies (CPU, disk, networking, disk activities, and/or whatever else)
    7. Port 30000 at my disposal for my domain (SRV doesn't works on Minetest I don't think)
    Bonus points (IF possible)
    1. Fully automatic powering off, backing up and powering back on or better yet offering automatic world safe backups so it can be done whenever to boost.
    2. Offering/including website hosting that wouldn't mind migrating me from Plesk and making sure Azurim works as is right now
    VPSes or anything else that doesn't cost me like something like $50/month are welcome if they at least meet the above specifics.

    Thanks you very much in advance!
  2. You're asking for a lot... what specs do you currently have? You're probably better off buying an unmanaged server and installing all that stuff yourself.
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  3. Anybody with a understanding of genuine GSPing can surely do this. But your right "most" aren't up to "speed" with being competent of spinning up a "custom" container, understanding the basic requirements of said game and of course making sure they are using a proper frontend.

    In the meantime, I am gonna see if there are other ways of getting a VM up and running with this game aside from Tmuxing it for ease of management and availability of critical game server's stats. Without having to know how to compile docker for it like you do for WISP.

    But I already looked at a few panel projects and brought up queries but haven't yet seen from them even though it been more than a few days.

    Something might comes up but at the moment I am ALSO looking for other shared options.
  4. So, I could discuss with you and setup a custom game server for MineTest v5.4.1 but a few things to be aware of and not sure if you'd be willing to "budge" on your listed requirements:

    1) I do use base pterodactyl with my own theme I made but you'd have to see it to know if that works for you or not
    2) Servers would come with 1 CPU Core(2 Threads)/15GB of storage. This can be increased if more is needed
    3) Backups would be done locally on the node and not externally

    Everything else could be fairly easily managed: such dedicated port, ticket support on the site, setup upgrading plans if necessary etc...

    I can spin up a demo server for you to test things as well :)
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  5. Thank you very much @SoulStriker_ for bringing this to my attention in regards to my thread and requirements. :)

    Absolutely, those were baseline requirements and therefore are flexible if they meet similar end goals.

    Absolutely that make complete senses and I would have no issues giving it a shot to make sure it would works for me. :)

    Not bad and I like the default disk limit even. Far better than the 5kMB I got. :) If possible though (even at an extra charge) an additional CPU core would be nice so I can still run an additional emerge thread... Uping the limitation to a total of being able to use 400% if and as needed.

    You mean on a seperate disk (like a spare HDD)? Or to the same active disk(s) as the game servers are operating on? Either way as long as I can download them locally I can "live" with that. Additionally would I still need to do everything manually? Or can scheduling shut down, backing up and starting back up/safe live backing up be possible?

    Awesome I glad you understanding of the rest of my requirements as well. :)

    That would be great indeed so I can "test drive" the interface beforehand. :)
  6. It's all part of the same space the servers run on locally. Nodes usually have 512GB or 1TB SSD Raid 1 and as long as they aren't like 50GB backups which I limit it should be just fine. Backups are done through the backups page and can be restored or downloaded

    Sure thing, I'll PM you your demo details :)
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  7. I would like to look for other options if possible.

    So if anybody can think of any or know someone who might be willing to do this properly that would be great.
  8. Now I am mostly back now, I am still looking for options to host this game. Even though I contacted another shared provider in the meantime.
  9. The company I'm employed with has never even heard of minetest. I'm currently installing the script and will work on getting a demo server set up for you. Please let me know if you've already have found your host!
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  10. Did you end up finding your host?
  11. I think you might've misunderstood but as discussed in Discord I already found a VPS. To prevent further confusions though. I will go ahead and close this then.
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