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    ArmorEffects - Custom Armor with custom Effects!

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  2. Hello, I would like that at the time of crafting a diamond helmet it applies by default, the night vision effect, it is possible?
  3. Well with my plugin yes but differently other than normal crafting... Use my config to create a normal minecraft helmet with the potion effect of night vision then you can get that and equip it for night vision
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    New Features

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  5. When i try to do any of the commands nothing happens.
  6. Very sorry about that!!! I changed a few commands and forgot to update the page!! If it prints anything back after let me know but right now this plugin is only for 1.13+
  7. It's ok! Can you help me out though? When I try to add a enchant such as speed to boots or a pickaxe, it doesn't show, or apply? Can you tell me how to get it to work?
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  8. Download link wrong?