Anyone can use & for chat

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  1. Anyone can use & to colour or format chat, even though nobody has permission for it.
    Please help. Plugin list here:
    KitsPreview, Beast-XpWithDraw, VoidWorld, GroupManager, GameModeChanger, Unbreakable, PluginReloader, MaxBans, TrophyHeads, OrePlus, CoreProtect, WorldEdit, PotionStorage, hungerFix, OpenInv, Essentials, PacketListenerApi, AutoSmelt, AutoLamp, ClearLag, AutoBroadcaster, ChatControl, EasyAntiSpam, SmartSignEditor, VoidSpawn, Multiverse-Core, vSignEditor, ObsidianBreaker, ChatColorGui, EnchantLevels, EssentialsChat, PTweaks, InstantDecay, mcMMO, Multiverse-Portals, Vault, ChairStairs, ColoredAnvils, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, Admin-Chat-Channel, InfChests, ObsidianAuctions, PerWorldInventory, HolographicDisplays, WorldGuard, ItemStay, Factions, MobStacker, TitleAPI, ChestCommands, EssentialsGeoIP, PlayerVaults, ServerSigns, EssentialsSpawn, MyCommand, RandomTP, SilkSpawners, NoFlyZone, SilkSpawnersShopAddon, Crates, CombatTagPlus

    ChatColorGUI is NOT the issue, as it uses a GUI for set colours, not a permission for &.
  2. Permissions
  3. Only thing I'd find would have to be within essentials permissions. Make sure the default inheritance group doesn't have the permission node to it.
  4. Did you read the OP?
    I said ChatColorGUI was NOT the problem.
    I also said that I never gave anyone permission to do it, not even Essentials permissions.
  5. Should I send in Default permissions?
  6. 27.05 16:03:18 [Server] INFO The group 'Default' has following permissions: -bukkit.command.kill, -unbreakable.armor,, -unbreakable.weapons,,,, essentials.tpaccept,, auction.start, chatcontrol.bypass.swear,, crates.crates, enchantlevels.enchants.*,, essentials.back, essentials.bal, essentials.bal.other, essentials.balance, essentials.balance.others, essentials.ban.notify, essentials.exp, essentials.helpop, essentials.home, essentials.ignore, essentials.itemdb, essentials.kick.notify, essentials.kit, essentials.kit.default,, essentials.kits.default,, essentials.mail, essentials.mail.clear, essentials.mail.send,,,, essentials.realname, essentials.recipe, essentials.rules, essentials.seen, essentials.seen.banreason, essentials.sethome, essentials.signs.break.disposal, essentials.signs.create.disposal, essentials.signs.use.*, essentials.silentjoin, essentials.silentquit, essentials.spawn, essentials.tpa, essentials.tpaccept, essentials.warp, essentials.warp.list, essentials.warps.list, essentials.xp, exp.drop, factions.create, factions.kit.halfplayer, factions.player, perworldinventory.bypass.gamemode, playervaults.amount.1, playervaults.commands.use, playervaults.size.6, randomtp.sign.use, serversigns.use,*, silkspawners.silkdrop.*, silkspawners.use.*, trophyheads.drop,, unbreakable.anvil, unbreakable.armor, unbreakable.ench,, unbreakable.weapons
    You can even see the chat perms are NEGATED and still doesn't block it.
  7. It will be a essentials permission.
  8. Please read what I just said. That permission is NOT provided and is even NEGATED.
  9. facedesk
    if you don't want people having it, just remove it from the config totally.
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  10. I already tried that and it didn't work. Please do not facedesk me.
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  11. Well I see that it is Negative and all. But have you tried just removing it even though it's already negatived?
  12. I added that out of frustration from this issue. It was not there before.
  13. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    Remove all plugins that touch chat, add them back one by one until you find which chat plugin is doing it, then; work out how to stop that plugin from setting chat colors.
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  14. essentials permissions
  15. Oh my god, can you PLEASE read the posts before replying?
  16. I will try that. Thank you.