Anyone else ripped off from "plugin devs"?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by NotoriousNemo, Mar 30, 2019.

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    Ok so ive been a spigot user forever, and ive hired alot of devs to make plugins.
    Ive had about a 25% success rate in which the plugins i asked to be made where actually 100% of what i wanted made.

    The other 75% of plugins I did the pay half for to get the plugin started, then once they are "finished" i get a plugin jar, i check it out, it seems to work good, but it has bugs, or is missing features. But I already paid the remaining 50% for the plugin, and now im left with a plugin that doesnt work.

    My main gripe is that you can hire whoever people with premium resources with thousands of downloads and they might not deliver and your stuck with a plugin that doesnt work, and me being the nice guy i am i dont want to call them out by name. The buyer is screwed once you pay the full $ amount, cause there is no obligation for the dev to actually fix what he gave you, cause they go MIA.

    Has anyone had a similar situation happen to them?
  2. That's why you test it fully before you pay the rest of the 50%.
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  3. If you don't already, since that's not clear, you should try to get your developers to host a testing server for your plugin before paying to have the finished plugin.
    Along with that and what Brett mentioned, since it isn't necessarily always possible to thoroughly test for any and all bugs a plugin may have (as can obviously be the case for even a developer), make sure that the dev is okay with fixing bugs that might be found in the future, at least for some time after the plugin was given.
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  4. This is exactly why I base my recruitment campain on Free volunteers, I want them to join me because they want. And they are gonna stay to fix bugs and update their work, because they are gonna love their new family.
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  5. Well, if you give people jobs with nothing to it like that, you'll probably get poor devs or malicious ones in a worst case scenario. Skilled developers probably aren't going to be spending their time playing your server to someday offer their abilities to you - who have no incentive ($$$) for them - because they want to.
  6. NotoriousNemo


    Ive had problems where i paid half
    Sounds like a great idea, glad it works for you
  7. You should not pay until you see it working to be shipped. Or you could offer to pay some when your dev demonstrated almost ready product on a test server. Then when the final product is ready, you again test it on a test server and if you are happy with it, you make the remaining payment for n exchange with the final product.

    Don’t just give them any money upfront, unless you have established a very good and trustworthy relationship with your dev.
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  8. That’s why you should pay via G&Is. So you can chargeback ‍♂️
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  9. I agree with this.
    It drives me nuts when devs say "F&F only" .... like nope, we are not friends nor family, I am paying for a good and/or service, so I will pay you G&S
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  10. Well you could always ask here for help to salvage the plugin and make it working again.

    If its a small plugin maybe @vk2gpz can help you with it. Just leave a nice programmer review in his profile page.

    Lol just kidding.

    Post it on the developers section. Maybe some bored super expert coder will take it on as a hobby.
  11. these developers are just selfish, I get paid full amount at start, do work and provide bugfixes for months.
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  12. I think it's just a matter of your developer choice. You should be careful when choosing developers, especially in high paying projects.
  13. That's too bad, I always keep in contact with the buyer until they're problems are solved.

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