Anyone ever heard of this hosting service?

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Should I use this Hosting Service?

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  1. Heyy, i have been running a server off of my computer for my friend and. Currently, it is just the two of us because we are building a new Hub. I don't really want to spend a lot of money since there won't be a lot of people on until a long time. I was researching Minecraft Server Hosts and i found this website. I am not the best when it comes to CPU's and RAM, so i don't know if this is a good deal or not. If anyone has ever used them and it is a good deal, please let me know. If you don't think this is good or have another recommendation, please let me know. Thanks! :)

  2. So if you don't plan to go live for a while, why do you need to get a host now? Just trying to understand the situation.
  3. I don't like hosting off of my computer because it uses up my ram
  4. Ahh, fair enough. Well, interesting they seem to be new and look to have a sale. They also seem to have a Discord, I'd hop in and ask why they would be better than another company, see what they say.
  5. There are definitely some better options.
  6. I think Mcprohosting is the one to choose they have exelent staff and support and they are always happy to help!

    If you have any further questions please reply and Ill be happy to help!
    Best regards,
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  7. Coming from a person who recommends mcpro hosting.
    Just goes to show u can't trust him.

    BTW: wheres ur evidence
    worst regards
    ya boi LegendxD
  8. Actually their support is quite good if you're not too much of an expert when it comes to setting up MC servers. The prices they have are quite high though. I never used them for too long so I can't really vouch for the hardware, but it's certain that last time I used their support (years ago) they were very, very helpful.
  9. I bought a server with Citadelservers and they are Pricey don't get me wrong but I paid the extra money for them to do everything for me. They literally did everything for a Extra 15.00 USD. It was awesome!
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  10. There are much better alternatives than them. As @LegendxD said would be suggested to look into.
  11. If you are looking for a really cheap option look into vps's. Since you guys are only building a hub you do not need amazing specs. I cannot give any recommendations besides ovh as that is all I have used but you could probably find something cheaper than them.
  12. there specs look good
    they have good reviews
    if your on a budged they are a good option
  13. Hello! Is it good for Wordpess? I am making a website with some Business Consulting WordPress Themes, and I need a good hosting for it also. I would like to get some tips on it from you here, guys. Thank you in advance!
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  14. yes its good for Wordpress, but Wordpress isn't good for anything
  15. I have been using PixelHost for 3 months on budget plan. It's so amazing fast CPU and Ram I recommend to take it

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