Anyone got an idea why my server is not performing well?

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  1. Hello everyone

    For the past couple weeks my server has never been able to hit a constant 20 TPS.

    I have tried removing plugins one by one, and lots of other troubleshooting.

    Here is 2 timings:

    At the time of those reports there was only 100 players on...should be a cake for our 1270v2 server :/

    You might be fast to say ProtectionStones from that 2nd report but even when disabled the TPS doesn't go up. It almost seems like something is grabbing the main thread causing all the plugins to "lag."

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  2. By any chance is your logblock set up to log lava / water flows?

    It also looks as if your NPC's are messing up, try a //butcher with WG and also limit mobs from spawning. (If you haven't already that is)

    It's either that or a ton of entities have been spawned in your world causing the lag but that really shouldn't be an issue here.
  3. Yes it is logging lava/water flows. Although this hasn't been much of an issue before.

    Where do you see NPC's (villagers?) messing up? Or do you mean all mobs? I simply can't butcher all my mobs without all my players starting an angry riot. My server isn't some PVP server with one WorldGuard region protecting the spawn...players are in love relationships with their animals.

    Here is a timing report from today with this /gc:
    [​IMG] <-Again it looks like all the plugins are "lagging" not one in specific.

    This makes me think maybe it is Minecraft itself (too many mobs?) or maybe something timings doesn't pick up like MySQL operations as I have Towny, LWC, and Logblock running MySQL.
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    You can butcher mobs and leave the animals alive. ;)
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  5. how ? :3 /remove mobs 10000 ?
  6. /
    //butcher radius

    I mean't all mobs in general. Although I also said it shouldn't be an issue.

    I'd recommend you disable lava and water flow logging, (Keep lava and water placement)
    I had to do this because strangely on my high powered server we started lagging and I found this to be the cause (Someone had literally put lava and water everywhere causing a huge log of water and lava causing mysql to over load lol)

    If that doesn't solve it I'd be happy to look in to it with you on skype or my teamspeak ? Just give me a PM or something and we can look together to hopefully help you and get this sorted :)
  7. I am pretty sure I have just too many mobs. When there are 150 players on or so there are 7k-8.5k entities. If I //butcher that kills around 1000 hostile mobs, and if you take items into account (say 1k) That is around ~6,000 animals O.O Whenever I //butcher (kills 1000 hostile mobs) the TPS climbs back up exponentially until the hostile mobs are spawned by Minecraft again then which brings the TPS down again. I will need to get some sort of mob-per-chunk limiter...gah gonna be a pain.