Anyone have experience with Unity3D?

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  1. I'm pretty new with the Unity and C# and, after a couple weeks of prep, I decided to dive straight into an FPS. Because I'm still new and I'm not even that confident with Unity, I didn't - and still don't - want to spend any money. A couple of days later however, I hit one huge problem. Graphics. I understand that there's no chance that I'm going to be able to get anywhere near AAA graphics, but I would like my terrain to look half-decent. Does anyone know any good, free, (preferably open-source) terrain-creating programs? I've already messed about with Unity's default, but it doesn't seem to do the job; it uses two many draw-calls, and it's super buggy. Thanks!
  2. Microsoft paint
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  3. Try Blender, it's free and opensource and supports exporting OBJs which look amazing.

    Also, I've used Unity in the past (and got quite good at it), but I prefer jMonkeyEngine for these reasons:
    - Fully Open Source
    - Native support for Blender (can directly load .blender files, but it is recommended to convert to jMonkeyEngine's .j3o format)
    - Gives access to all Java APIs, so you are not missing anything (ie. Unity lacks sockets (they have a multiplayer API which is quite good, but is not always adequate))
    - Cross Platform (Android, PC, Max, Linux, and I think IOS (can't quite remember if they ever managed it on IOS, but I think they did))
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  4. That sounds cool! However, I'm going to stick with Unity because I love the idea of being able to export to consoles, and the fact that I can import so much. I'll look up some terrain tutorials for Blender. Thanks!
  5. Have you checked out some of the Terrain Assets and Terrain Tool Addons available in the Asset store? Some of them improve the experience enough to make it bearable for basic terrain making.

    If you're looking for making a really good terrain use Blender. Blender is a 3d suite that is capable of just about everything besides being a good game engine. I think you might be misunderstood of what Blender is based on your previous reply. It isn't a replacement by any means to Unity, but rather you make complex objects (3D models) and then export them, and then import into Unity. This is very common practice in game development as engines don't normally have anything beyond primitive shapes.

    Edit: I would not focus on graphics and programming. Pick one or the other, your game can still be fun to play with non AAA graphics. Trying to learn Unity3D ontop of a 3D modeling program will more than likely be overwhelming.
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  6. Yobi3D is a 3D model search engine. You can search with simple keywords and see the results in 3D. It helps to quickly find 3D models to import to Unity.
  7. Im very good with Unity but i never created a real "game" beacuse i cant come up with a game idea. Im also good with blender. I maybe could help you with the project?