Anyone have good/bad experience with cheap server hosts

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by trihexhunter, Nov 2, 2018.

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    "everyone is bad besides this one host that's linked in my signature (which is the only time you've ever heard of it on this site) that I appear to have some sort of affailation to"
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  2. he asked for opinions and I didn't say anything bad about Pebble and "OVH" you can take as you want. Calm down.
    And I have tried Fallout MC
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  3. Yeah, I think Foxvific misunderstand your post, but DeluxeNode seems very good.
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    you made it sound like OVH was a bad thing which in some cases it is. it's funny that your only positive (indirectly or not) suggestion was from a host that literally has never been heard of on these forums and appears to have a connection to you

    edit: Oh yeah. You're the CEO of SparkedHost, no wonder you're going to recommend them. Mind re-reading the rules of the site?
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  5. used them for test servers, but only that, they're okay
  6. Can everyone stop being sassy and go back to topic? People who advertise their own services outside of the designed forums are often only ruining their own reputation. You do not "recommend" your own company. Obviously nobody trusts that. None the less, it's against the rules as far as I know. Let's get back on topic.

    I'd recommend OVH; it's pretty cheap and very solid if you ask me. Just gotta know what you're doing since OVH is not going to hold your hand.
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