Anyone having whistlist issues?

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  1. Spigot 1.12 Attempting to whitelist a player that has never visited the server fails. If they have visited the server it works fine... Anyone else having this issue?
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  2. Did some more testing... An exact copy of the server running on a different machine and the whitelisting works.... Only difference is OS. Windows vs unix. It worked on 1.11 but what could have changed?

    Edit: Narrowed the problem down to apparently being a connectivity issue between server and Session servers used to get a playernames uuid for whitelisting?? But I can ping all mojang services just fine.. wtf
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  3. ISSUE identified. Cloudfront is blocking access to the mojang servers from my minecraft server?
  4. Same problem here. I read, that Mojang blacklisted some OVH subnets..
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  5. I have had same problem
  6. The problem is also occuring on my server, OVH.
  7. Anyone knows when OVH servers are able to connect to mojang again? It seems like this problem happend in the past a few times already.
  8. Does this also affect why skins on skulls are not working?


    Yes, that is the reason. So if you're having any sort of problems with skull skins not working and/or white list I would assume you're having both. It is not your bungeecord config or spigot.yml config that is assuming if you set everything up the right way to run in an online-mode.
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