Anyone know a good and cheap VPS

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  1. I want to make a minecraft server with bungeecord and i want a vps with 3-4 gb RAM i want to install multicraft and one bungeecord and 5 server with spigot. Thanks you [​IMG] BUGET : 10 $
  2. Depends on what plugins and how many players you want. Cause if your going to have more then 3-4 players dependping on plugins etc. I suggest you spend a little more.
  3. Unless you don't mind alot of lag ofcourse
  4. A $10 VPS with 3-4gbs of ram won't run 5 servers and bungeecord, especially at that price.
  5. I think it potentially could just with alot of lag.
  6. Probably need a bigger budget for that kind of set up. I personally love and hosting it on a VPS but then it's a bit expensive. However it's really worth it, never goes down, very speedy hardware. They charge $10 for 1.5GB of ram, $20 for 3GB, and $40 for 6GB. They use Intel Core I7 6770k to host it. :)

    For dirt cheap in exchange for lag, try buying a VPS from OVH, still would pass your budget however...
  7. "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. At numquam laboriosam sapiente vitae repellendus itaque mollitia, quis autem! Minima debitis nemo omnis, neque accusantium amet maxime suscipit." Their appearence is very professional
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  8. Wow it just hit me that their name is no uptime..
  9. It gets even better:
    "99.9% Uptime
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    - Quote from the same page
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  10. Believe it's a joke lol, since the owner also runs that joke website (which isn't real). Can vouch for the host if you want, also have Statuscake checking if it's online (which it hasn't had any downtime aside from my own restarts).

    (The downtime marks my last restart.)