Anyone know about any good minigame plugins?

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  1. I am looking for any stable 1.8.3+ mini game plugins to use on my server!

    If they are a premium the max is £10 = $17 . aprox
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  2. £10 is like $16 lol

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  3. LOL it was an aprox because I paid for a plugin worth $10 it was £5 is so yknow XD
  4. approx would be a rough estimate. The actual conversion is no where near what you said.
    $10 is £6.
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  5. Good job @D3NYMoTiioN, 2 post's literally to correct some rouds he did, very informative and helpfull for the thread itself! Good job ...

    Anyway, @Trending_Gamer are you looking for what kind of minigames? Have you used google or even Search on the Spigot Resources? You should try it next time (;

    Minigame Plugins: -> not actually a minigame, it's a game play mode but is worth the mention
    just use spigot search and you will find much more (;
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  6. Just saying he needs to sort out his money skills lol. Plus, it does help him as he won't now go and think 'Well that's $20, my £10 should suffice'
  7. :) Yeas I'v had a look on google and spigot and even bukkit dev (no use what so ever) and I just found paint ball and thanks for the links :)
  8. The moment has passed now.
  9. If you need a sg plugin look at SGPremium. I personally know the author and will add any features you request (if it's reasonable)
  10. I have bought a SG plugin recently I don't know if it was that one tho :)
  11. You probably bought wazup's sg plugin, it's everywhere and so many servers have it. It will not make your server unique. SGPremium is a new one, modified stuff so it will look different and unique! Also EVERTHING is customizable, messages, scoreboard, there's MySQL, stats, rollback, FNS Uses, no dependencies! All you need on a server is SGPremium. No world edit needed!