Anyone know any good dedicated server hosts?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by codysmith1, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Hello there! I am here looking for a dedicated server host. I tried to go with ovh but I am having some issued with them validating my account I don't know why but I am trying to find another host. I need a CPU that is as good as this.

    Intel i7-6700K
    4c/8t - 4GHz /4.2GHz
    32GB DDR4 2133 MHz
    SoftRaid 2x480GB SSD
    + SoftRaid 1x4TB SATA
    500 Mbps bandwidth

    And preferably DDR4. I don't have a budget so just send me a link! THANKS GUYS!!!
  2. Well, you can try (they are good despite the bad reviews)
    or (they don't have 6700k currently but since you don't have a budget lol)
  3. Location? If EU, Zare ( is top tier