Anyone know of a plugin that. . .

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  1. Anyone know of a plugin that will delay the opening of a chest? What i am looking for is a player to click on a chest and it take say 10 seconds for it to actually open for them. Yes I want to create lag!

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Why.. maybe @BetaNyan will help.
  3. This can be done in like 5 minutes with a custom plugin. Ask on the hiring dev forum, try Minecraftforum, Bukkit plugin request forum, etc? I've had more made for free.
  4. Exactly.. people these days.
  5. I'd do it but I'm working on my own projects. Just make a PlayerInteractEvent and check if the block is a chest and it was right clicked. Make a delay, and then open the inventory..

    Commands: none
    Permissions: chestdelay.bypass - Ignore the delay
    Code (Text):

    # ChestDelay Config
    delay: 3
    # Chest open delay (in seconds)
    delayMessage: "&aChest will open in 3 seconds!"
    # Message sent when a chest is clicked
    waitMessage: "&cPlease wait for the chest to open!"
    # Message sent when player clicks chest while waiting for it to open
    If you require any other features, just ask :)
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  7. Did you make that for him/her or did you already have it pre-made?
  8. I made it, took like 5 minutes.
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  9. I realize its small just curious. :p
  10. Thanks a ton Arman!

    i figured it wouldn't be much! i'll test it out and see what happens. the purpose is, i want to make an event server for rewards for my survival server. so there will be a pvp arena and the goal is to get the item from the chest without being killed. (i didn't steal this idea from blizzard and world of warcraft i swear) then the item will be like an elite pickaxe.
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  11. Dont often see people like you anymore, Ive actually seen you make people several plugins around these forums.
    On Bukkit I saw it all the time, but its rare to see around these days. Nice work.
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  12. Agreed but I don't know the bukkit API so I can't help lol.
  13. Even if you don't know java, it takes like a week or two to understand how to make commands and basic listeners.
  14. I know BASIC Java. Like ints are numbers and you can do like System.printOut(Apple + Seeds);
    Prints out what Apple is then seeds is.
  15. Same thing, instead int could equal Bukkit.get.blabla instead of apples. Search ApplJuze Tutorials on YouTube. I didn't know a lick of Java, and I've already made 5 plugins for my server. Started like 2 weeks ago.
  16. Arman thanks again for all your help! However, i do have a favor to ask, you have already helped me a ton so if it is too much that's fine!

    Is there anyway to add a death check and out of range check? right now if you click the chest and run 100 blocks away it still opens and same result through death, if you click, die, respawn the chest still opens.

    Again if this is too much I am still VERY grateful for what you have done so far!

    The configuration option/message for the range and a check for player death has been added, be sure to regenerate your config!
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  18. OMG you are a god! thank you so much i'll let you know how it works out! <3!
  19. works swimmingly! thanks again for all your help with this! my admin in charge of adventure maps is ecstatic!