Anyone know the maximum hit distance?

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  1. I'm coding an AntiCheat plugin...
  2. tbh, it shouldn't exceed more than 4-4.5 IMO.
  3. I need the EXACT hit distance, I don't want to make any mistakes.
  4. there is no exact hit distance because of desync low ping etc
  5. Around 3.4 blocks normally, but due to sprinting/jumping reach can be up to 5 blocks.
  6. 3.78 blocks!

    Quote from another player on hypixel forums:
    4 (3.78) meters in multi-player and 3 (3.10) meters in singleplayer (to contemplate for the online lag) 1 meter=1 block
  7. Mas


    Client reach is 3 blocks, server reach is 6.

    You're going to have a very bad time if you're only taking into account an exact distance.
    Reach is impacted heavily by latency (like Minecraft in general). You'd be surprised the distances you get hit from by legitimate players on servers.
    You should really be adding quite a large buffer to be safe, and don't use 1 isolated over-reaching attack to flag reach. You will want to check that a player has a consistently high reach. Not forgetting to account for player ping and server TPS also.

    I generally wouldn't take an answer from a thread on the Hypixel forums and believe it to be fact like that.
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