Anyone know what plugin this is?

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  1. I want to have this plugin on my server but I am unable to find out , if possible please tell me how to make the name colors.

  2. Might not be right but something in my mind tells me Infoboard reborn. But as I said might not be right
  3. I knew the plugin but it can also be achieved with the Tab plugin by @Maximvdw
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  4. Do you know the original plugins?
  5. Tablist and NameTagEdit
  6. I check the server but they don't have the plugin
  7. Does it have a plugin hider
  8. I need /ne and it says Unknown Command /help
  9. you could be tricked certainly if the server has some developers. but if you need that sort of plugin

    just find for a similar plugin like that. expand your idea

    doesn't have to be same.
  10. What does it say when you type /pl?
  11. Try /? or /bukkit:help or /ver then space then tab.

    If they are using pex the colored names could be from pex tab colors. The tab list plugin is most likely Tablist
  12. It says the default message where you block the command bukkit:plugins
  13. From What I know they are using GroupManager but when I type /ver I got this
  14. server's default not needed a plugin to get that message.
  15. Use the title manager plugin. It has a tablist changer.
  16. Try /tl and /nte
  17. GC.


    Try writing /ver (not send it) then click tab button, it may list the plugins, if that doesn't work use /? (dont click enter to send it, keep it in the chat box) and click tab.
  18. Did you try those plugins?