Solved Anyone know what's wrong with this config?

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  1. An administrator added a few things to my CMI ranks.yml, and since he has done it /ranks hasn't worked. Nothing in console. No backup (lesson learnt). I put it through yamlchecker and have fixed a few things as well as had a skim over it myself. Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it, yes /ranks is still not working. Any ideas? Here's the file.
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  2. I think it might be because of the Rookies and Novices ranks not having the NextRanks in ""
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  3. Fixed that - still not working. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Is there an option to enable a debug mode ? So it would show issues in the console?
    If not, then I recommend looking that the default config of the plugin, and matching parts to yours.

    If all else fails, start fresh. Use this broken yml as a guide, copy and paste if you wish, saving and checking every 3-4 ranks.

    Backups are free and friendly. Also helps if you had someone who edited things who also tested and knew what they were doing lol....

    Edit: Its a 1296 line long yaml. Im certainly not gonna check it all, and not many here will either.
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  5. Strahan


    I ran your file though a validator and it failed due a tab on line 518.
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  6. There's a TAB right after the line 518, remove it and everything will work just fine
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  7. Yes, "lesson learnt" regarding backups. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Thanks, works fine now. yamlchecker didn't get that for some reason... will use a different checker next time.
  9. Removed and it working fine now, thanks.
  10. Can you put this post as solved please ? :)
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