Anyone looking for a youtuber who has 2.2K subscribers?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Foallow, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. IGN: Foallow

    channel name: AsiancraftFTW

    Skype: Michellej77

    Okay so I resigned from YT for 2 years so I have a few inactive subs but I have a lot of active subs so yeah I'm looking to get paid 3$ per week or per video.
  2. FormallyMyles


    You probably want to offer this in the services section and not in this section.
  3. This guy already tried this on Spigot, he gets like 50 views lol
  4. So any of you's got a server or nah?
  5. Many of us have servers, just none of us want to waste money
  6. i'l pay you 1$/2 vids
  7. No one is going to pay much OP. Most people are smart, and don't want to be paying a 2.2k subscriber count Youtuber money for multiple videos, when they could save up and get one good one from a larger youtuber to attract more players.
  8. You need to get your server out on as most places as possible to get the most players over time. paying big youtubers wil cost you a lot more. and you'l only get a huge player boost for a limited time.
  9. Not necessarily, there will still be a playerboost, rather than 5 players that are really active, there will be 50+ that is relatively active.