Anyone need me to make a tutorial on a plugin?

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  1. Hey guys, its ImGudUrBad here and i was wondering if any developers need a plugin tutorial done for their plugin. If it is a premium plugin i request that you put me on the buyers list so i can do it quickly. (You can take me off after the video has been made unless i want the plugin for my server.)

    Youtube Channel:

    Contact: Either email me at [email protected] or PM me!
  2. Geka


  3. What plugin do you want me to do?
  4. Geka


    I don't know, what do you know ?
  5. Well im a server owner after all.... I know alot when it comes to MC server's.
  6. What you trying to say :p I did a video for you.xD
  7. Plugin Thread?
  8. Hey guys, let me clarify this:

    He wants to make plugin tutorials for existing plugins.

    He doesn't make tutorials on how to code plugins.
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  9. Lol. Thanks
  10. I know. :)
  11. Lol