Anyone playing MC while hosting MC on their PC?

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  1. LOL, gotta kill performance of my PC.
  2. I do this all the time, I do development and stuff so I have to test all the time on localhost.
  3. If this affects performance of your PC, what kind of PC are you using?
  4. Me too, I need to have IDEA, 2 minecraft clients, host my server and League of Legends opened to take a break every hour :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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  5. a bad one, lmfao
  6. I seriously played this in my survival world, it improves performance where chunks are already loaded
  7. Yeah to test stuff on localhost can be easier than having to upload all the work to a server host
  8. Imagine testing 10 servers at once while playing MC on a 4C/4T CPU xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  9. lol, I'm using Ryzen 3 2200G so it really sucks :) I need to improve the CPU first, but I'm just a broke guy, a post-malone lolllll
  10. Yup, pretty much sucks with later Minecraft versions on machines older than around 2 years.

    Intel i5- 6200U @2.3GHz 8Gb RAM
    I am thinking about increasing the RAM as this seems to be a bottlekneck (requiring the paging of memory)
    (note that the OS reserves around 1Gb memory for the 2D GDI)

    Testing under MC 1.16.3 (ignoring performance peaks) according to the Windows TaskManager
    This page open and the OS on Windows 10 results in @~3.6Gb of memory usage
    and then adding the Minecraft Client results @5.8Gb memory usage @ CPU 10% to 12%
    and then running a fairly basic Spigot server results @7.3Gb of memory usage @ CPU 13% to 20%

    And that is without any players! So stuff gets pretty slow when I add the Eclipse IDE and try to play on the server.

    However, using a hosting service for the server greatly improves playability.
  11. yeah, like Windows 10 is just too bloated for memory-intensive applications to run on a low memory system...

    Oh, and btw, which Java version are you using?
  12. Running Linux with a 1.12 modded server (allocated 5GB RAM, currently using ~2GB). Also running the client on the same machine (allocated 4GB of RAM, using 3GB). I get 60fps in the client and 20tps on the server.

    So far I've had a total of 3 players on the server (including me) without any noticeable lag. Given the current RAM and CPU usage, I suspect we could get up to 5 or 6 before lag became a major issue. This is also a very old machine by gaming standards so you would probably get more out of a PC from today.

    EDIT: 1.12 is significantly faster than 1.13+ especially on weak hardware. The newer chunk access system is just not efficient.

    EDIT 2: Just saw Goldentoenail's post above. You definitely want 16GB of RAM if you're self-hosting, developing, and playing at the same time. Linux is also more efficient when it comes to RAM usage.
  13. JDK (latest)
  14. Does newer Java version really "improves" performance

    (Edit: javaIsAnIdotItWillNeverBeFasterStupid)
  15. Personally I've found Oracle's Java 8 implementation to be the best balance between compatibility and speed so far. OpenJDK 8 is far too slow, and OpenJ9 and Java 9+ have compatibility issues with mods and license issues.
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  16. I did that for four years with Windows 7. No problems doing both at the same time.