Anyone there that can help me learn how to make professional-looking websites?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Bolt, May 29, 2015.

  1. I'm learning HTML5 but as I really don't understand how to get them to look like professional websites or at least not plain websites. Any of you out there willing to help out or any suggestions or links to good tutorials? :)
  2. Let Google, along with pre-made templates (for dissasembly and learning purposes) be your guide. Lots of professional grade websites were done with years of experience, lots of the time from students out of college.

    Start with the basics, learn the structures of CSS/HTML (CSS3/HTML5) and move on from there.

    There are lots of tools online at your disposal, such as which walks you though step by step learning a language of your choice. Practice makes perfect from there! It also helps to get already done templates, and learn by taking them apart. Learning how they were assembled, and what code is responsible for what.

    Professional websites often have as little HTML as needed, and all the complete rest of styling is done through CSS. No tables, No heavy HTML structuring. Just grouping and styling.
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  3. Hey man,

    How long have you been learning & using HTML for? As with most things: Practice Makes Perfect. I have been learning HTML & CSS, in particular HTML5 & CSS3 for several months now and I am starting to make some very nice websites. As SeiRruf said above, I learned HTML & CSS through Better yet, Codecademy offer HTML & CSS in the one track (lesson) so it's nice not having to switch between lessons.

    As for making professional websites, HTML is not a part of nice looking websites. CSS is core for making professional & nice looking websites. Think of it this way: HTML is the content, and CSS is the appearance. Not to mention JavaScript or jQuery (A part of Javascript), which can make your website interactive. We won't go in to detail about JavaScript now as if you learn it before HTML & CSS, it becomes too confusing.

    As SeiRruf mentioned above: No tables, No heavy HTML structuring.

    Stick with HTML. It may take a little while to learn but it will pay off. It may even turn in to a business :)

    - The AusCo Team