Anyone using EchoPet (for 1.12) read this

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  1. Hey, guys! Today I noticed @md_5 released the 1.12-pre2 build for the public (testing stuff only, not in production I know that) and the most loved plugin I use is EchoPet (some might say its crap no?) and players are paying for it on my server as packs (that's cosmetic which the EULA permits?) and sadly noticed trying EchoPet (the last build I've could have since I was testing it for 1.11's) does not work in 1.12-pre2 nor 1.12+ future versions.

    I don't have the source code of it nor did clone it when it was time, but it was too late and the former developer @Borlea gave it to someone which I guess I need to pay for it but Im not sure if its worth paying for to continue my server which is soon to turn 4 years this June and if the 1.12 goes out before June, players which want to pay a pet pack wouldn't be able to (anyways for the meantime, I'll use Viaversion) but after my 2 month deadline (waiting for plugins updated) I'll be forced to move to 1.12 without EchoPet, and since 1.11's I was forced too to remove the Horses plugin by Shadowdog007's, the dev updated it but has serious bugs and he abondoned it since Christmas.

    I'd maybe do a hire request in the correct subforum if I want someone to take it over (from DSH105's sourcecode, but the dev would need to redo all the work which Borlea did...

    Anyways, worth updating to 1.12 without those plugins? Which I've used to have since I've opened up my server (the horses plugin was the first when Mojang implemented horses in 1.6 I think)`

    PS: My english/grammar sucks badly, pardon if there's any mistakes :(

    PSS: Just telling everyone who uses EchoPet on their servers. Shame I'll be forced to stop using that plugin when 1.12 will be present on my server.
  2. If you want you can use my SimplePets plugin. it is 1.8 -> 1.12-pre5 compatible. Has a few bugs I am trying to fix but besides that it works great.

    EchoPets is a complete mess code wise (Ask anyone who has worked with the EchoPets code XD)
  3. He asked for EchoPets not another plugin..
  4. That'll require me redoing all permissions/settings which I did with EchoPet :x Don't care if Echopet was a mess, players are used with its commands/pets, if ever I go to this plugin I'd need to relearn them and repeating everytime the commands again xD

    I can look at that plugin, but anyways my server cannot pass to 1.12 due to dead plugins. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Indeed, but I can "look" for alternatives, but it'll require some changes :/ I loved EchoPet because of @Borlea 's trust and his activity for 1.11. Sadly he deleted the code so meaning its dead forever for 1.11. Unless someone did it, but had to pay 100-200 USD for this, my server donations doesn't ever cover this amount,I'm canadian so its expensive as h* so I gave up again. I guess that guy manages a blacklisted server so another reason to not paying for that (thus leaving my server to its death, anyways it is planned) because of dead plugins which it depends (and some can't be replaced)

    Thanks guys
  5. I'm sure someone will bring an update possibly when 1.12 officially drops, I highly doubt it will stay inactive.
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  6. Hi, I have a problem importing the source, I get the following error and I do not understand why:
    ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-shade-plugin:1.4:shade (default) on project EchoPet-Parent: Error creating shaded jar: error in opening zip file C:\Users\Aurix.ABF\.m2\repository\com\captainbern\Minecraft-Reflection\1.0.2-SNAPSHOT\Minecraft-Reflection-1.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar -> [Help 1]
    [ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with the -e switch.
    [ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
    [ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions, please read the following articles:
    [ERROR] [Help 1]
    The rebuild, build, clean work fine but when performing an installation gives the error some solution please?
  7. I use Echopets on my 1.12.2 server? I can try to look through my search history to find the download for you if you like.
  8. Yes please, I would like to have the source in case some day it stops updating, it does not get the source to work, when I import the source it always gives me this error and I do not know what to do, thanks!

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