Anyone willing to update this?

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  1. Your better off using coreprotect or greifroleback.
  2. Thanks but, I would prefer to just have a plugin in which you place a block and it protects an 20x20 area (from bedrock to sky). Any recommendations?
  3. Worldguard + Worldedit. Both are essential for EVERY minecraft server.
  4. I agree that those are essential, but how does that fulfill their requirement of being able to place a block for protection?

    Also maybe not every server. Arcade minigame servers are a thing ;)
  5. Arcade - Minigame What about the hub sir?
  6. I meant a system like Hypixel's, where you have a separate hub server and minigame servers to host each round of the game.

    This would not need WorldGuard because they could simply have the players in Adventure mode in the lobby.

    ..Does this really need to be explained...? It's not exactly relevant.
  7. uhh anyways if someone is willing to suggest a good / similar updated alternative or update this plugin himself, just tell me please.
  8. NathanWolf


    Try PreciousStones - it'll do exactly what you want with a little bit of configuration.
  9. Thanks for the griefprevention suggestion, but i may choose the preciousstones one because it seems kind of similar and i may be able to make it nearly identical
    @NathanWolf can you help me a bit with the preciousstones config? Do you know any way to disable the players' ability to customize the claim and have it claim a 20x265x20 area automatically when they place the block i want?
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  10. NathanWolf


    Sure- it's pretty easy, you basically just need these options for that:

    Code (Text):
      no-resize: true
      radius: 20
      custom-height: 256
    If you'd like, here is the config I use on my dev server:

    It's got a few different size plots in it. I've got a lot of things tweaked so it's a good example of the various things you can do with protection.

    Note that PreciousStones actually does a whole bunch of other stuff besides protection, but I've never used any of it :)