Anyway for me to improve my server performance

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  1. Redstone is one of the issues.
    Try limiting the use of redstone. Also, you have some hogging plugins there, inclusing:
    ASkyBlock, mcMMO, Mythic mobs, all of these might be an issue too.
    Also, Windows 10 is not supposed to be used for server hosting.
    I guess you are using it because you don't have a license for the server version,and you're used to windows.
    You SHOULD use linux, or at least windows server, because windows 10 takes up resources for things not related to your server as: Data gathering, updates, GUI,etc.

    Your server is not optimised either. Check the optimisation guide of Frash.

    And also, why do you have 8000 entites on your server?
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  2. I tried to use ubuntu server but i don't know why the upload speed of the computer will be limited under 300mbps however the download speed is fine (the bandwidth of my home server is 1gbps for both download and upload) while i use windows is fine.
    I tried to use windows 7 before. But it seems like the new model motherboard and cpu doesn't support windows 7 anymore. Maybe i should use windows server 2016?
    Also, what is the main issue of redstone? is it hopper or any other things?
  3. I followed his guide for a long time ago already.
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    you missed parts of the guide such as disabling cat detection, as well as the notes about java flags, e.g. using G1GC, and Xms == Xmx to avoid odd gc behaviors; be it that you skipped the cat detection or not, if you have 80 players opening chests a lot, that setting helps a lot, so I really would consider going over it properly again.

    quite simply, your server is a mixture of overloaded/unoptimised, you have almost 6k hoppers ticking every tick, which considering they already suck for performance, is just asking for headaches ontop. 1k villagers...
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  5. Oh i see. I will try it later.
  6. Too many entities.
    8000 is a lot.
    Try optimising the settings.
  7. You need to try using Ubuntu....
  8. Ubuntu caused many problems i can't fix. Is it really have big different with win7?
  9. Yes, windows is not supposed for server hosting.

    U will see a performance boost when switching to Linux or Windows server.

    Linux looks very complicated but u will love it once u know how to work with it. :)
  10. Windows does so many background tasks. You just wouldn't believe how many it does. These are eating into the use of CPU, memory and Disk access all day long.

    Linux type Operating Systems have a lot less background tasks to do, resulting in the computers resources being able to focus better on the tasks that you want to run without being interrupted as much.

    One thing that is not often mentioned, related to server optimizing, is to turn off automatic updating and Metrics where ever you can in the plugins.
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