Spigot [API] AnvilApi - Supports 1.7 & 1.8 1.0.1

Use the Anvil GUI to retrieve Strings!

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    [API] AnvilApi - Use the Anvil GUI to retrieve Strings!

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  2. It would of been nicer of you just to give us the orignal class by ChaseChoclate with the two modficaitons needed to use it in 1.8:
    p.playerConnection.sendPacket(new PacketPlayOutOpenWindow(c, "minecraft:anvil", new ChatMessage("Repairing", new Object[0]), 0));


    super(entity.inventory, entity.world, new BlockPosition(0, 0, 0), entity);
  3. The point of this is that as long as I update it, all the plugins using it will not break
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  4. Yeah all im saying is that its nice to not have to depend on other plugins for your plugin
  5. And all Im saying its nice not to jave plugins break each update
  6. could you make a permission for it?
  7. Could you create 1.9 version?
  8. I would also love to see an 1.9 version.
  9. can you update for 1.10 please and if you would add command /anvil to open the gui