Spigot [API] BarMessager 1.0.1

Queued Boss Bar messager!

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    WYNGames submitted a new resource:

    [API] BarMessager - Queued Boss Bar messager!

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  2. Could you possibly make it so you can give the permission to people to have a set amount of "points" to use it, like for a prison server to advertise their plot etc?
  3. Sw4p


    I can add a permission for it but for the points i would have to link into which ever plugin you are using to give you those points and as im not really looking to depend on any plugins or restrict this to only prison servers, i can not help you with the points.

    But i recommend that once i release the update with permissions(just a few minutes) you then create a group that your players get put in when they have the amount of "points" or try running a command when they get the amount of "points" that add the said permission to their player.

    I hope i helped and ill update with the permissions in a bit, ill get to work!
  4. Ok thanks, I could probably have explained it a bit better. Sorry. But thanks, seems like a neat plugin!
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    Thank you, and i added the permission we were talking about, here it is: