Spigot [API] BossBarAPI [1.7 | 1.8 | 1.9 | 1.10] 2.4.1

API to display boss bar messages

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    [API] BossBarAPI - API to display boss bar messages

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  2. Nice, I used to use another boss bar plugin but that one disappeared from Spigot.
    I will use this one thanks to the 1.7/1.8 compatibility
  3. Sorry, I thought this was a standard plugin.
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    Hey inventive, I was playing around with the health method and it seems that it is only set when a new bossbar instance is created. Is this something on my end or is there a problem with setting updating the health?
  5. Changing the health should work fine, probably your problem.

    EDIT: Just tested it:
  6. I tries to use this in my plugin, but people are getting this error:
    This is the code I used:
    Code (Text):
            float health = (float) ((Damageable) e).getHealth();
            float maxHealth = (float) ((Damageable) e).getMaxHealth();
            float setHealth = (health * 100.0f) / maxHealth;
                BossBarAPI.setMessage(p, tittle, setHealth);
            }catch(Exception x){}
  7. What is the version of your server?
  8. Are you using a different server-mod than spigot?
  9. I'm also using craftbukkit 1.8.3 and get this error when using bossbarAPI with Infernal Mobs. Im not a fan of spigot and it would be nice if you could compile against plain ole craftbukkit also. Thank you!

    error -> http://pastebin.com/rAbm3kH8
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    Not a fan of Spigot? It is almost the same as CraftBukkit aside from having more options to tweak to your liking.
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  11. Spigot always screws up my mob spawn rates no matter how much I tweak the configs. I prefer just craftbukkit as I don't have this issue.
  12. @Eliminator @wrecktify
    Seeing that a lot of people seem to use craftbukkit, I'll might update some of my resources to be compatible with it.
    (That may take some time, since the internal field names and classes are sometimes completely different.)
  13. @inventivetalent
    When I show the bossbar , there's always little delay (1 - 2 seconds)