Spigot [API] CustomSkullAPI [1.7 + 1.8] 1.0.1

Create player skulls with custom textures

  1. inventivetalent submitted a new resource:

    [API] CustomSkullAPI - Create player skulls with custom textures

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  2. i've been learning how to use eclipse recently,
    haven't gotten very far into it yet but, could i use it to get this plugin in action for me?
  3. First of all, you should consider learning Java, not Eclipse.
    But yes, if you have Java knowledge, you can implement this API into your plugin.
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  4. How long does it take to generate a skull and does this use mineskull?
  5. This is literally INCREDIBLE.
    I will use this for sure in my upcoming plugin.
    Amazing work !
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  6. Yes, it uses a similar system like Mineskull.
    Because I currently only have one Minecraft account to upload skins, it can take some minutes (or whatever timeout Mojang decides to use).
  7. Seriously? Custom textures for blocks and items on 1.7? This must be incredible! Can't wait to test it.
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  8. I have this error:
    [23:24:38] [Server thread/INFO]: AgustinOut[/] logged in with entity id 0 at ([world]0.5, 102.0, 0.5)
    [23:24:41] [Thread-8/WARN]: java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: http://api.inventivetalent.org/skulls/?url=http://inventivegames.de/texture/head/name/BLUE.png
    [23:24:41] [Thread-8/WARN]: at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream0(Unknown Source)
    [23:24:41] [Thread-8/WARN]: at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
    [23:24:41] [Thread-8/WARN]: at org.inventivetalent.skulls.SkullThread.run(SkullThread.java:73)
  9. Could you have a better explanation as to how this works? I was thinking for example Magic, by Nathan Wolf, I would love to swap his icons for higher res textures, and since his plugin uses player heads they are only 8bit...
  10. @redstonebiten
    Please use the discussion to report issues before reviewing.
    Please read the description, there is a full code example on how to properly apply the data to skulls. (#applyToItem)
    Also, this whole system doesn't work reliably anymore, as Mojang limited the amount of skins you can upload. I don't have any more Minecraft accounts available to upload skins, so this is pretty much broken.