Resource API for pinging in Minecraft

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  1. This is an API for pinging in Minecraft, feel free to use it.
    Only tested on version 1.8.8

    Essentially, this API will spawn a beacon at a location that only certain people can see, it is hidden from everyone else. Meaning say you have a team in a mini game, you could use this API to ping (places a beacon and can also play a sound) to show a certain lot of players a certain location. Similar to pinging in any battle royale game.

    To use, download this and import this jar

    Enjoy :)
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  2. curious, you create a stream.. and then immediately convert it to a hashset. why? why not just only create the hashset?
    Sets.newHashSet(value1, value2);

    also, poor way of distributing a resource. not everyone imports directly into the build path. most people use dependency managers. just realizing you also use maven????? why not upload your project to github as a maven project and then people can just insert that directly into their pom and be done with it..? also hard pressed to call this a resource when half of the classes it depends on are in another project. and why create an empty constructor? if you want people to declare with methods (a bit tedious imo, i would make an overloaded constructor), just dont have the constructor at all? the compiler will infer a public empty constructor by itself.
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  3. Ok karen
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  4. joehot200


    He is distributing his work for free. I'm sure the code isn't perfect, however constructive and descriptive criticism would likely allow him to feel better about distributing his work for free, while also improving his programming skills.
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  5. fair. my bad @op for being toxic needlessly
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  6. Its not perfect code, I didn't care for it to be perfect. It's just a few classes that may come in handy to some. I also didn't care that it relies on another lib that I have for some of the code, if you wanted to use that lib you're more than welcome to clone the 2 libraries I used (RealmLib and RealmCommons) which are both on Github.

    Also the reason I have an empty constructor is because I created it and couldn't be assed to spend the half a second removing it. Doesn't hurt anyone or bother me. Also, I'm not about to have overloaded constructors when it's not required, methods are fine. If you don't use any of the methods besides #spawn it will still work perfectly fine... its what methods are made for.
  7. Pretty good resource honestly, 10/10
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